The project first started in 2019 as Hamid R. K. Pishghadam and Mohammad H. BahramPour BSc final project in Sirjan University of Technology with assistance of Dr. Amir SalarPour.

The goal of project is to experiment and build an OS in Rust language and study the performance of a high-level language in low level systems.


We are using Philipp Oppermann's blog_os project as our code base and afterwards adding our component to it. As a part of our work, we will translate Philipp blog to Persian (our native language) and pull requesting to Philipp project.

The components that we plan to implement in this project are listed below:

The roadmap maybe change over time. We also may not implement all of components in our BSc project.


For now, we translate Philipp blog posts to Persian and publish it in his blog. We will soon start documenting our changes when finished reading and writing all of Philipp posts.



Our project is hosted in Github and it's mirror is in Sirjantech Git server.